The Fort Harrison Reuse Authority (FHRA) is the organization tasked with the redevelopment of the former Fort Benjamin Harrison military post. The FHRA works to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Lawrence by facilitating the economic redevelopment of the area into what is now the Fort Ben campus and city center.


1. Redevelop and revitalize the former Fort Benjamin Harrison military base;
2. Attract companies, organizations and residents to Fort Ben;
3. Establish a vibrant downtown center for the City of Lawrence;
4. Increase the tax base to pay off infrastructure improvement loans and to sustain new infrastructure for long-term public benefit;
5. Promote public and private business and cultural stakeholders to the broader Central Indiana area; and
6. Sunset at the completion of all land sales, transfers, public land dedications, repayment of all loans, and architectural oversight of new vertical development.